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New Fade Hairstyle 2020

Fade hairstyles have been trending a lot these days. It has become a trend in children, boys, and men of all ages. What is a fade hairstyle? It is a hairstyle with thin hairs closer to the neck or with tapered ends as we get closer to the neck. Over time, a different type of fade hairstyles has evolved either with long hairs or short hairs. It was very popular among men in old-time and it is still very popular among men. A faded haircut can be styled in different ways. Whether you are Asian, African, British or Dutch, you are going to slay this haircut. It is a hot and sexy hairstyle of all time. You can get different kinds of hair fades depending on your choice and your hair’s thickness. It is named as a “Fade Hairstyles” because your hair fades or the hair length decreases as you come down towards your neck.

You can choose from a high, medium or low fade telling your barber, which kind of hair fade you want. And how much skin fade or hair fade you want closer to your neck. “Fade hairs on the sides and back with long hairs in the center”, is a trend nowadays. In the year 2020, it will be seen so much. Here are some different types of fade haircuts and how to style them:



The military haircut is one of the popular haircuts. It is one of the kinds of fade hairstyles. These were first done by only soldiers but with time it got famous us among everyone. Men are getting this hair cut from the last few years. All kinds of military haircuts include short hairs all over the head. It is perfect to style in summers.

If you want short hairs and fade haircuts at the same time, then you can go for the military haircut.



Choosing a hairstyle might be a difficult task if you want a stylish and formal hairstyle at the same time. It’s a decent and a unique haircut, more similar to the military haircut. But the difference between the two is that the former haircut has a little longer haircut at the top then the military haircut.

You can style your crew haircut by adding spikes to your hair or by blow-drying your hairs or another option is to leave the natural, messy texture to your hair. You will nail your haircut in every kind of hairstyle. It depends on you whether you want a stylish look or a formal look.



These kinds of fade haircuts start one inch above from the ears. Low fade can be combined with short or long hairs, depending entirely on your choice. This is a very stylish and cool haircut. Fades were not popular in the old era but with time different kinds of fade haircuts are in trend.
Low fade haircuts are more popular among businessmen. The reason is they look more formal and gives a professional look. You can style your hair according to your choice. You can use some hairs gel, pomades or waxes to style your hairs the way you want. Either you want a spiky or messy look for your hair or a formal look. You can get this look in 5 mins if you are in a hurry and wants to get ready in a little time.

You can add up some creases to your low fades if you want a cool, guy look.



High fade hairstyles are a little different than the low fade hairstyles. Unlike the low fade, a high fade starts from a point a little higher than the low fade. The fade began either from the corner of your forehead or close to your frontal eminences. These fades are similar to the low fades. It can be coupled with both short and long hairs.

The kind of fade that you want depends on your preference that which kind of look you want. There are no rules or principles for a specific fade haircut to get. It depends on your choice.

So, if you are confused that what kind of fade you want, go for the fade you think will suit you more. You can go for a beard with fades. It’s a perfect combo!



It is one of the most classical haircuts of all time. It is famous among men and boys. These haircuts are different from the fade haircuts. In tapered haircuts, your hair length gradually decreases to your neckline. Your hairs are tapered from the ends

New Fade Hairstyle 2020

It gives a more classy and formal look.

Many other kinds of fade haircuts may include:
● Bald fade haircut
● Skin fade haircut
● Undercut fade haircut
● Temp fade haircut
Now, we will talk about how you can fade hairstyles your fade haircuts for different events. If you are businessmen and want to have a formal office look, then what kind of fade hairstyles you can go for. And what kind of hairstyle you can go for if you want a regular and more of a guy look.



Here are some hairstyles,

  1. TOP KNOT:

It has been trending a lot. You need to grow your hair at the tape with tapered ends at the sides. It may require 8-10 inches long hairs so you can get a top knot. It is a versatile hairstyle. It can give you so many options. You can also make a bun from it.

New Fade Hairstyle 2020


And then dry it in the backward direction with the help of a blow-dryer or a towel.


Comb your hairs backward. Add some hair wax to your hand and then add it to your hairs. So, your hair can’t move from their position in fade hairstyles.


Comb your hairs again. And then wrap them inelastic. It depends on you where you want your top knot. If you want it a little higher than make a pony at a higher point.

You can either make fade hairstyles a loop or a ponytail depending on your preferences.


You can’t get a top knot fade hairstyle every single day. So, to get a classy office look you can blow-dry your hair. Before blow-drying, you may comb your hair in the direction you want. Either side apart or slicked back depends on your choice. After blow-drying with the help of the brush, add some hair gel or pomade of your choice, here you are ready to go.

New Fade Hairstyle 2020

It is important to keep your hair healthy so you can get hairstyles and haircuts of your choice. To keep your hair healthy, you need to oil them regularly with some good oils. Other than that take care of your hairs and diet, like you take care of the things you love the most. HOPE YOU ENJOYED READING THE POST!

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